Central Texas College Distance Education

Leadership and Professional Development

Study of the importance of professional growth. Topics include the role of the licensed vocational nurse in the multi-disciplinary health care team, professional organizations, and continuing education. Prerequisites: Fall Admission VNSG-1323, VNSG-1304, VNSG-1405, VNSG-1227, VNSG-1222, VNSG-1136, VNSG- 2331, VNSG-1126, VNSG-1116, VNSG-1160. Spring Admission, VNSG-1330, VNSG-1334, VNSG-1400, VNSG-1360. Co-requisites: Fall Admission, VNSG-1231, VNSG-1238, VNSG-1400, VNSG-1409, VNSG-1560. Spring Admission, VNSG-1231, VNSG-1238, VNSG-1409, VNSG-1410, VNSG-1560.

Pre-requisite(s): Completion of BIOL-2401 HPRS-2300 VNSG-1126 VNSG-1323 VNSG-1222 VNSG-1227 VNSG-2331 VNSG-1160 is required.

Co-requisite(s): Concurrent enrollment in VNSG-1301 VNSG-1429 VNSG-1560 is required.