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NCBO Developmental Math for Statistics

NCBO Developmental Math for Statistics is the developmental mathematics co-requisite course designed to be completed with MATH 1342 Elementary Statistical Methods concurrently. This is accomplished through developmental education interventions that use innovative learning approaches that, compared to traditional lecture-only classes, more effectively and efficiently prepare students to advance. This course specifically focuses on the concepts of Developmental Mathematics I & II necessary for the student to complete Elementary Statistical Methods concurrently. The course includes an in-depth study and application of numeracy and the real number system; algebraic concepts, notation, and reasoning; quantitative relationships; mathematical models; and problem solving. Additional topics include: creating & interpreting graphs, solving & graphing linear equations and inequalities. This course will assist the student in developing the critical-thinking and problem-solving skills necessary for other developmental or college-level courses

Co-requisite(s): Take MATH-1342;