Central Texas College Distance Education

Practicum Substance Abuse/Addiction Counseling

This advanced placement helps students gain practical experience in the discipline, enhances skills, and integrates knowledge gained from the classroom. Direct supervision at an advanced level is provided by clinical professionals at the host agency. This course is the Capstone Experience for the students exiting the program with a Certificate or Associates in Applied Science (AAS)Degree in Chemical Dependency Counseling and the Certificate in Criminal Justice Addictions. Department approval.

Pre-requisite(s): Completion of CMSW-1309, DAAC-1304, DAAC-1309, DAAC-2301 DAAC-1319, DAAC-2307, DAAC-2341, DAAC-2354, PSYT-1329, PSYT-2321, PSYT-2331 and Department Approval.