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Introduction to Spreadsheets

Special Course Requirements

Students taking this course online must be able to download, install and use MyITlab in order to complete course assignments and assessments

System Requirements:
Operating Systems

  • Microsoft Windows XP SP2
  • Microsoft Windows Vista
  • Microsoft Windows 2000 SP4


  • Internet Explorer 6.0
  • Internet Explorer 7.0

Internet Connection

  • Broadband connection (cable or DSL) or higher recommended
  • Dial-up/56K modem minimum requirement


  • Memory (RAM)*
    • Windows XP/2000: 512MB or higher recommended
    • Windows Vista: 1GB RAM
  • Processor*
    • Windows XP/2000: 1.4Ghz processor
    • Windows Vista: 2.0Ghz processor
  • Sound Card
    • Any MCI compliant sound card

*Note: The increase in the requirements for Vista are due to the additional memory and CPU overheads imposed by the operating system itself.

Screen Resolution

  • Optimized for use at 1024x768, will scale to fit 800x600
  • Will scale to fit 800x600 (except Active Help Desks, which only run at 1024x768)
  • DPI setting should be set to 96 DPI (Normal size in Windows XP; Default scale in Windows Vista).


  • ActiveX control (will download via Installation Wizard)
  • Adobe Flash player 9 or higher
  • Adobe Reader

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