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CTC has more than 450 courses in its online course catalog. Courses are listed by department. Contact the appropriate Instructional Department if you have specific questions. Before scrolling to the catalog, please note the following information:

Course Syllabi

View or download a course syllabus at the CTC Course Syllabi page.

Course Materials and Technical Requirements

Identify required textbooks and other instructional materials at the CTC Books/Instructional Materials page. Students enrolling in CTC distance education courses must have basic computer skills and have access to a computer or handheld device with minimum technical requirements. These are listed on the Technical Requirements page of this website.

Course Schedules

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* Credit Hours   Developmental Studies credits are not transferable and cannot be applied towards degree completion. For details, visit https://www.ctcd.edu/academics/instructional-departments/developmental-studies/.

** Delivery Method  MM = MultiMedia or offline courses. These are offered at select locations and in response to specific contracts, and are designed for students who do not have consistent, reliable internet access.

Department / Course Credit Hours * Special Requirements Delivery Method**
ACCT2301: Principles of Financial Accounting 3 No Online,MM
ACCT2302: Principles of Managerial Accounting 3 No Online,MM
ACNT1303: Introduction to Accounting I 3 No Online
ACNT1304: Introduction to Accounting II 3 No Online
ACNT1311: Introduction Computerized Accounting 3 No Online
ACNT1329: Payroll and Business Tax Accounting 3 Yes Online
ACNT1331: Federal Income Tax: Individual 3 No Online
AGRI1309: Computers in Agriculture 3 No Online
AGRI1419: Introductory Animal Science 4 No Online
AGRI2317: Introduction to Ag Economics 3 No Online
ANTH2346: General Anthropology 3 No Online
ANTH2351: Cultural Anthropology 3 No Online,MM
Aviation Science
AIRP1305: Aircraft Science 3 No Online
AIRP2355: Propulsion Systems 3 No Online
AVIM2331: Airline Management 3 No Online
BIOL1322: Nutrition and Diet Therapy I 3 No Online
BIOL1406: Biology for Science Majors I 4 No Online
BIOL1407: Biology for Science Majors II 4 No Online
BIOL1408: Biology Non-Science Majors I (with Lab) 4 No Online
BIOL1411: General Botany 3 No Online
Business Administration and Management
BMGT1301: Supervision 3 No Online,MM
BMGT1313: Principles of Purchasing 3 No Online
BMGT1325: Office Management 3 No Online,MM
BMGT1327: Principles of Management 3 No Online,MM
BMGT2488: Internship-Business Administration and Management, General 4 Yes Online
BMGT2489: Internship-Business Administration and Management, General 4 Yes Online
BUSG1303: Principles of Finance 3 No Online
BUSG1370: Small Business Accounting 3 No Online
BUSG1371: Entrepreneurship and Business Plan Development 3 No Online
BUSG2305: Business Law/Contracts 3 No Online
BUSG2309: Small Business Management 3 Yes Online
BUSI1301: Business Principles 3 No Online,MM
BUSI1307: Personal Finance 3 No Online
BUSI2301: Business Law 3 No Online,MM
EMAP1400: Principles of Basic Emergency Management 4 No Online,MM
EMAP2300: Developing Volunteer Resources and Decision Making 3 No Online,MM
EMAP2301: Leadership and Effective Communication 3 No Online
EMAP2302: Managing Mass Casualty and Fatality Incidents 3 No Online,MM
EMAP2355: Disaster Recovery 3 No Online,MM
HMSY1337: Introduction to Homeland Security 3 No Online,MM
HMSY1338: Homeland Security Emergency Communications Management 3 No Online,MM
HMSY1340: Homeland Security Intelligence Operations 3 No Online,MM
HMSY1341: Critical Infrastructure Protection 3 No Online,MM
HMSY1342: Understanding and Combating Terrorism 3 No Online,MM
HMSY1370: Information Technology Security for Homeland Security Specialists 3 No Online,MM
HMSY1371: Counter Terrorism 3 No Online
HMSY1470: Final Project in Homeland Security and Emergency Management 4 No Online
HMSY2337: Managing a Unified Incident Command 3 No Online,MM
HRPO1311: Human Relations 3 Yes Online,MM
HRPO2301: Human Resource Management 3 No Online,MM
IBUS1301: Principles of Exports 3 No Online
IBUS1302: Principles of Imports 3 No Online
IBUS1305: Intro to Intl Business & Trade 3 No Online
IBUS1341: Global Supply Chain Mgmt 3 No Online
LMGT1319: Intro to Business Logistics 3 No Online
LMGT1321: Intro to Materials Handling 3 No Online
LMGT1323: D&I Transportation Mgmt 3 No Online
LMGT1325: Warehouse and Distribution 3 No Online
MRKG1302: Principles of Retailing 3 No Online,MM
MRKG1311: Principles of Marketing 3 No Online
MRKG2333: Principles of Selling 3 No Online,MM
MTBC1171: Effective Writing I (Europe only) 1 No Online
MTHR1174: Time Management (Europe only) 1 No Online
RELE1200: Contract Forms and Addenda 2 No Online
RELE1219: Real Estate Finance 2 No Online
RELE1311: Law of Contracts 3 No Online
RELE1315: Property Management 3 No Online
RELE1406: Real Estate Principles 4 No Online
RELE2301: Law of Agency 3 No Online
RSTO1321: Menu Management 3 No Online
Child Development
CDEC1164: Practicum Child Development (through Summer 2018) 1 No Online
CDEC1170: Deployment & Military Families (Europe only) 1 No Online
CDEC1172: Mentoring Early Childhood Educ (Europe only) 1 No Online
CDEC1173: Parenting for Healthy Families (Europe only) 1 No Online
CDEC1174: Technology in the Classroom (Europe only) 1 No Online
CDEC1303: Familes, School and Community 3 Yes Online
CDEC1311: Educating Young Children 3 Yes Online
CDEC1317: Child Development Associate Training I 3 Yes Online
CDEC1318: Wellness of the Young Child 3 Yes Online
CDEC1321: The Infant and Toddler 3 Yes Online
CDEC1354: Child Growth & Development (Europe only) 3 No Online
CDEC1356: Emergent Literacy for Early Childhood 3 Yes Online
CDEC1358: Creative Arts for Early Childhood 3 Yes Online
CDEC1359: Children with Special Needs 3 Yes Online
CDEC1413: Curriculum Resources/Childhood (starting Fall 2018) 4 Yes Online
CDEC1417: Child Dev Associate Training I 4 No Online
CDEC1419: Child Guidance (starting Fall 2018) 4 Yes Online
CDEC2164: Practicum Child Development (through Summer 2018) 1 No Online
CDEC2307: Math & Science Early Childhood 3 Yes Online
CDEC2322: Child Development Associate Training II 3 Yes Online
CDEC2328: Administration of Programs for Children II 3 Yes Online
CDEC2341: The School Age Child 3 Yes Online
CDEC2388: Internship Child Care Provider (starting Fall 2018) 3 Yes Online
CDEC2422: Child Dev Associate Train II 4 No Online
CDEC2424: Child Development Associate Training III 4 Yes Online
CDEC2426: Admin of Prog for Children I (starting Fall 2018) 4 Yes Online
EDUC1301: Introduction to the Teaching Profession 3 Yes Online
EDUC2301: Introduction to Special Populations 3 Yes Online
TECA1303: Families, School and Community 3 Yes Online
TECA1311: Educating Young Children 3 Yes Online
TECA1318: Wellness of the Young Child 3 Yes Online
TECA1354: Child Growth & Development 3 Yes Online
FREN1411: Beginning French I 4 Yes Online
FREN1412: Beginning French II 4 Yes Online
FREN2311: Intermediate French I 3 Yes Online
FREN2312: Intermediate French II 3 Yes Online
GERM1411: Beginning German I 4 Yes Online
GERM1412: Beginning German II 4 Yes Online
GERM2311: Intermediate German I 3 Yes Online
GERM2312: Intermediate German II 3 Yes Online
KORE1411: Beginning Korean I 4 Yes Online
KORE1412: Beginning Korean II 4 Yes Online
RUSS1411: Beginning Russian I 4 Yes Online
RUSS1412: Beginning Russian II 4 Yes Online
RUSS2311: Intermediate Russian I 3 Yes Online
RUSS2312: Intermediate Russian II 3 Yes Online
SPAN1411: Beginning Spanish I 4 Yes Online
SPAN1412: Beginning Spanish II 4 Yes Online
SPAN2311: Intermediate Spanish I 3 Yes Online
SPAN2312: Intermediate Spanish II 3 Yes Online
Computer Electronics Technology
CETT1303: DC Circuits 3 No Online
CETT1321: Electronic Fabrication 3 No Online
CETT1325: Digital Fundamentals 3 No Online
CETT1331: Prog for Discrete Elec Devices 3 No Online
CETT1429: Solid State Devices 4 No Online
CETT1441: Solid State Circuits 4 No Online
CPMT1404: Microcomputer System Software 4 No Online
ELMT2435: Certified Electronic Tech Trng 4 No Online
ITCC1414: CCNA 1:Intro to Networks 4 No Online
ITCC1440: CCNA 2: Routing and Switching 4 No Online
ITCC2441: CCNA Security 4 No Online
ITCC2459: Ad Voiceover Internet Protocol (VOIP) 4 No Online
ITNW1313: Computer Virtualization 3 No Online
ITNW1451: Fundamentals of Wireless LANs 4 No Online
RBTC1343: Robotics 3 No Online
Computer Info Tech & Systems
BCIS1305: Business Computer Applications 3 Yes Online
COSC1301: Introduction to Computing 3 No Online
COSC1315: Introduction to Computer Programming 3 No Online
COSC1336: Programming Fundamentals 3 No Online
COSC1337: Programming Fundamentals II 3 No Online
COSC2325: Computer Organization 3 No Online
COSC2336: Programming Fundamentals III 3 No Online
IMED1316: Web Design I 3 No Online
ITNW1316: Network Administration 3 Yes Online
ITNW1337: Introduction to the Internet 3 No Online
ITNW1345: Implementing Network Directory Services 3 No Online
ITNW1353: Supporting Network Server Infrastructure 3 No Online
ITNW1358: Network+ 3 No Online
ITNW1454: Implementing and Supporting Servers 4 Yes Online
ITNW2354: Internet / Intranet Server 3 Yes Online
ITNW2356: Designing a Network Directory Infrastructure 3 Yes Online
ITNW2488: Internship-CS Netwrk/Telecomm 4 No Online
ITSC1301: Introduction to Computers 3 No Online
ITSC1309: Integrated Software Applications I 3 No Online
ITSC1316: Linux Installation and Configuration 3 No Online
ITSC1325: Personal Computer Hardware 3 No Online
ITSC1405: Introduction to PC Operating Systems 4 No Online
ITSC1415: Project Management Software 4 Yes Online
ITSC2435: Application Software Problem Solving 4 No Online
ITSC2439: Personal Computer Help Desk Support 4 No Online
ITSC2486: Internship - Computer and Information Sciences, General 4 No Online
ITSE1302: Intro to Computer Programming 3 Yes Online
ITSE1329: Programming Logic and Design 3 No Online
ITSE2402: Intermediate Web Programming 4 Yes Online
ITSE2486: Internship - Computer Programming/Programmer, General 4 No Online
ITSW1307: Introduction to Database 3 No Online
ITSY1342: Information Technology Security 3 Yes Online
ITSY2330: Intrusion Detection 3 No Online
ITSY2401: Firewalls and Network Security 4 No Online
ITSY2441: Security Management Practices 4 No Online
ITSY2442: Incident Response and Handling 4 No Online
ITSY2459: Security Assessment and Auditing 4 No Online
ITSY2486: Internship - Computer and Information Systems Security 4 No Online
Developmental Studies
DIRW0413: Developmental Integrated Reading and Writing 4 No Online
DIRW0493: Dev Integrated Reading and Wri 4 No Online
DSED0300: College (TOEFL) Study Skills 3 No Online
DSLA0310: Reading & Vocab I (ESL) 3 No Online
DSLA0315: Grammar I (ESOL) 3 No Online
DSLA0330: Reading and Vocabulary III 3 No Online
DSMA0303: Intermediate Algebra 3 No Online
DSMA0307: Intermediate Algebra 3 No Online
DSMA0394: NCBO Developmental Math for Statistics 3 No Online
DSMA0400: Developmental Mathematics I 4 No Online
DSMA0401: Developmental Mathematics II 4 No Online
DSMA0491: NCBO Foundations of Algebra 4 No Online
DSMA0492: NCBO Introductory Algebra 4 Yes Online
DSMA0493: NCBO Intermediate Algebra 4 Yes Online
DSMA0499: NCBO Developmental Mathematic 4 No Online
DSRE0300: Developmental Reading I 3 No Online
DSWR0301: Developmental Writing I 3 No Online
Drafting and Design
ARCE1452: Structural Drafting 4 No Online
DFTG1405: Technical Drafting 4 No Online
DFTG1409: Basic Computer-Aided Drafting 4 No Online
DFTG1417: Arch Drafting - Residential 4 No Online
DFTG2317: Descriptive Geometry 3 No Online
DFTG2323: Pipe Drafting 3 No Online
DFTG2402: Machine Drafting 4 No Online
DFTG2412: Technical Illustration 4 No Online
DFTG2438: Final Project - Advanced Draft 4 No Online
ECON2301: Principles of Macroeconomics 3 No Online,MM
ECON2302: Principles of Microeconomics 3 No Online,MM
Emergency Medical Technology
EMSP1204: Emerg Medical Tech Refresher 2 No Online
EMSP1338: Introduction to Advanced Practice 3 No Online
EMSP1355: Trauma Management 3 No Online
EMSP1356: Patient Assesment and Airway Management 3 No Online
EMSP1401: Emergency Medical Technician-Basic 4 No Online
EMSP2143: Assessment Based Management 1 No Online
EMSP2206: Emergency Pharmacology 2 No Online
EMSP2305: EMS Operations 3 No Online
EMSP2330: Special Populations 3 No Online
EMSP2434: Medical Emergencies 4 No Online
EMSP2444: Cardiology 4 No Online
ENGL1301: Composition I 3 No Online,MM
ENGL1302: Composition II 3 No Online,MM
ENGL2307: Creative Writing I 3 No Online
ENGL2311: Technical and Business Writing 3 No Online
ENGL2322: British Literature I 3 No Online
ENGL2323: British Literature II 3 No Online
ENGL2327: American Literature I 3 No Online
ENGL2328: American Literature II 3 No Online
ENGL2332: World Literature I 3 No Online
ENGL2333: World Literature II 3 No Online
Environmental Science
ENVR1401: Environmental Science (with Lab) 4 Yes Online
GEOG1301: Physical Geography 3 No Online
GEOG1302: Human Geograpy 3 No Online
GEOG1303: World Regional Geography 3 No Online
GEOL1403: Physical Geology 4 Yes Online
GEOL1405: Environmental Science 4 Yes Online
GOVT2304: Introduction to Political Science 3 No Online
GOVT2305: Federal Government 3 No Online,MM
GOVT2306: Texas Government 3 No Online,MM
HIST1301: United States History I 3 No Online,MM
HIST1302: United States History II 3 No Online,MM
HIST2301: Texas History 3 No Online
HIST2311: Western Civilization I 3 No Online
HIST2312: Western Civilization II 3 No Online
HIST2381: African American History 3 No Online,MM
Hospitality Management
CHEF1302: Principles of Healthy Cuisine 3 No Online
CHEF1305: Sanitation and Safety 3 No Online
HAMG1313: Front Office Procedures 3 No Online
HAMG1321: Intro to Hospitality Industry 3 No Online
HAMG1340: Hospitality Legal Issues 3 No Online
HAMG1342: Guest Room Management 3 No Online
HAMG2301: Principles of Food and Beverage Operations 3 No Online
HAMG2307: Hospitality Marketing and Sales 3 No Online
HAMG2332: Hospitality Financial Management 3 No Online
HAMG2337: Hospitality Facilities Management 3 No Online
HAMG2372: Hospitality Industry Training 3 No Online
HAMG2373: Final Project- Hospitality Administration and Management 3 No Online
HAMG2388: Internship-Hospitality Administration and Management 3 Yes Online
IFWA1318: Nutrition for the Food Service Professional 3 No Online
PSTR1301: Fundamentals of Baking 3 No Online
PSTR2350: Wedding Cakes 3 No Online
RSTO1204: Dining Room Service 2 No Online
RSTO1221: Menu Management 2 No Online
RSTO1301: Beverage Management 3 No Online
RSTO1313: Hospitality Supervision 3 No Online
RSTO1325: Purchasing for Hospitality Operations 3 No Online
TRVM1300: Introduction to Travel and Tourism 3 No Online
TRVM2301: Introduction to Convention/Meeting Management 3 No Online
ARTS1311: Design I 3 No Online
ARTS2346: Ceramics I (Blended only, Fort Hood only) 3 No Online
ARTS2366: Watercolor I (Blended only, Fort Hood only) 3 No Online
DRAM1310: Introduction to Theater 3 No Online
DRAM2361: History of Theater I 3 No Online
HUMA1315: Fine Arts Appreciation 3 No Online,MM
ENGR1201: Introduction to Engineering 2 No Online
ENGR2301: Engineering Mechanics-Statics 3 No Online
ENGR2302: Engineering Mechanics - Dynamics 3 No Online
ENGR2305: Electrical Circuits I 3 No Online
ENGR2332: Mechanics of Materials 3 No Online
MATH1314: College Algebra 3 No Online,MM
MATH1316: Plane Trigonometry 3 No Online
MATH1324: Mathematics for Business and Social Sciences 3 No Online
MATH1325: Calculus for Business and Social Science 3 No Online
MATH1332: Contemporary Mathematics 3 Yes Online,MM
MATH1342: Elementary Statistical Methods 3 No Online,MM
MATH1350: Mathematics for Teachers I 3 No Online
MATH1351: Mathematics for Teachers II 3 No Online
MATH1414: College Algebra 4 No Online
MATH2318: Linear Algebra 3 No Online
MATH2412: Pre Calculus 4 No Online
MATH2413: Calculus I 4 No Online
MATH2414: Calculus II 4 No Online
MATH2415: Calculus III 4 No Online
Mental Health Services
CHLT1301: Intro to Community Health 3 No Online
CHLT1302: Wellness & Health Promo 3 No Online
CHLT1340: Comm Health Advocacy 3 No Online
CHLT1341: Environmental Health 3 No Online
CHLT1342: Comm Health Field Methods 3 No Online
CHLT2367: Practicum-Comm Health Services 3 No Online
CMSW1166: Practicum (or Field Experience)-Clinical and Medical Social Work 1 No Online
CMSW1167: Practicum (or Field Experience)-Clinical and Medical Social Work 1 Yes Online
CMSW1309: Problems of Children and Adolescents 3 No Online
DAAC1304: Pharmacology of Addiction 3 No Online
DAAC1309: Asmt of Sub-Rel and Addictive Disorders Other Drug Addictions 3 No Online
DAAC1311: Counseling Theories 3 No Online
DAAC1319: Introduction to Alcohol & Other Drug Addictions 3 No Online
DAAC2301: Therapeutic Communities in a Criminal Justice Setting 3 No Online
DAAC2306: Substance Abuse Prevention I 3 No Online
DAAC2307: Addicted Family Intervention 3 No Online
DAAC2341: Counseling of Alcohol and Other Drugs 3 No Online
DAAC2353: Substance Abuse Prevention II 3 No Online
DAAC2354: Dynamics of Group Counseling 3 Yes Online
DAAC2367: Practicum – Substance Abuse/Addiction Counseling 3 No Online
MTMS1171: Psych of Personal Adjustment I (Europe Only) 1 No Online
PSYT1309: Health Psychology 3 No Online
PSYT1429: Interviewing & Communication Skills 4 Yes Online
PSYT2321: Crisis Intervention 3 No Online
PSYT2331: Abnormal Psychology 3 No Online
PSYT2345: Principles of Behavior Management and Modification 3 No Online
SCWK2301: Assessment and Case Management 3 No Online
SOCW2361: Introduction to Social Work 3 No Online
SOCW2362: Social Welfare as a Social Institution 3 No Online
MUSI1181: Piano Class I 1 No Online
MUSI1301: Fundamentals of Music I 3 No Online
MUSI1304: Foundations of Music 3 No Online
MUSI1306: Music Appreciation 3 No Online
HPRS2300: Pharmacology for Health Professions 3 No Online
RNSG1115: Health Assessment 1 No Online
RNSG1229: Integrated Nursing Skills II 2 No Online
RNSG1251: Care of Childbearing Family 2 No Online
RNSG1331: Principles of Clinical Decision-Making 3 No Online
RNSG1347: Concepts of Clinical Decision-Making 3 No Online
RNSG1413: Foundations for Nursing Practice 4 No Online
RNSG2201: Care of Children & Families 2 No Online
RNSG2213: Mental Health Nursing 2 Yes Online
RNSG2221: Professional Nursing: Leadership and Management 2 No Online
RNSG2331: Advanced Concepts in Adult Health 3 No Online
VNSG1126: Gerontology 1 No Online
VNSG1219: Leadership & Professional Dev 2 No Online
VNSG1222: Vocational Nursing Concepts 2 No Online
VNSG1227: Essentials of Medication Admin 2 No Online
VNSG1301: Mental Health & Mental Illness 3 No Online
Office Technology
HITT1301: Health Data Content and Structure 3 No Online
HITT1303: Medical Terminology II 3 No Online
HITT1305: Medical Terminology I 3 No Online
HITT1341: Coding and Classification Systems 3 No Online
HITT1349: Pharmacology 3 No Online
HITT2335: Coding and Reimbursement Methodologies 3 No Online
HITT2361: Clinical – Health Information/Medical Records Technology/Technician 3 No Online
MDCA1302: Human Disease/Pathophysiology 3 No Online
MDCA1309: Anatomy and Physiology for Medical Assistants 3 No Online
MRMT1307: Medical Transcription I 3 No Online
MRMT2333: Medical Transcription II 3 No Online
MRMT2363: Clinical-Medical Transcription 3 No Online
POFI1301: Computer Applications I 3 No Online
POFI1349: Spreadsheets 3 No Online
POFI2301: Word Processing 3 Yes Online
POFI2331: Desktop Publishing/Office 3 No Online
POFI2386: Internship - Business/Office Automation/ Technology/Data Entry 3 Yes Online
POFM1302: Medical Software Applications 3 No Online
POFM1317: Medical Administrative Support 3 No Online
POFM1327: Medical Insurance 3 No Online
POFM2310: Intermediate Medical Coding 3 No Online
POFM2333: Medical Document Production 3 No Online
POFT1301: Business English 3 No Online
POFT1307: Proofreading and Editing 3 No Online
POFT1309: Administrative Office Procedures I 3 No Online
POFT1319: Records and Information Management I 3 No Online
POFT1325: Business Math Using Technology 3 No Online
POFT1329: Beginning Keyboarding 3 Yes Online
POFT1349: Administrative Office Procedures II 3 Yes Online
POFT2312: Business Correspondence and Communication 3 No Online
POFT2333: Advanced Keyboarding 3 Yes Online
POFT2386: Internship-Administrative Assistant/Secretarial Science, General 3 Yes Online
POFT2387: Internship-Administrative Assistant/Secretarial Science, General 3 Yes Online
POFT2388: Internship-General Office/Clerical and Typing Services 3 Yes Online
POFT2389: Internship-General Office/Clerical and Typing Services 3 Yes Online
Paralegal/Legal Assistant
LGLA1301: Legal Research and Writing 3 No Online
LGLA1307: Introduction to Law and the Legal Profession 3 No Online
LGLA1317: Law Office Technology 3 No Online
LGLA1345: Civil Litigation 3 No Online
LGLA1351: Contracts 3 No Online
LGLA1353: Wills, Trust & Probate Administration 3 No Online
LGLA1355: Family Law 3 No Online
LGLA1372: National Security Law 3 No Online
LGLA2303: Torts & Personal Injury Law 3 No Online
LGLA2311: Business Organizations 3 No Online
LGLA2313: Criminal Law and Procedure 3 No Online
LGLA2335: Advanced Civil Litigation 3 No Online
LGLA2388: Intern Paralegal/Legal Assist 3 No Online
PHIL1301: Introduction to Philosophy 3 No Online,MM
PHIL1304: Introduction to World Religions 3 No Online,MM
PHIL2306: Introduction to Ethics 3 No Online
PHIL2321: Philosophy of Religion 3 No Online
Physical Education
KINE1110: Fitness Walking I 1 No Online
KINE1111: Fitness Walking II 1 No Online
KINE1143: Weight Training I 1 No Online
KINE1144: Weight Training II 1 No Online
KINE1301: Introduction to Physical Fitness and Sport 3 No Online
KINE1304: Personal/Community Health I 3 No Online
KINE1306: First Aid 3 No Online
KINE1321: Coaching/Sports/Athletics I 3 No Online
Physical Science
CHEM1406: Introductory Chemistry I 4 No Online
CHEM1407: Introductory Chemistry II 4 No Online
PHYS1403: Stars and Galaxies 4 Yes Online
PHYS1404: Solar System 4 Yes Online
Protective Services
CJCR1304: Probation and Parole 3 No Online
CJCR1358: Rights of Prisoners 3 No Online,MM
CJCR2325: Legal Aspects of Corrections 3 No Online
CJLE1333: Traffic Law and Investigation 3 No Online
CJLE1345: Intermediate Crime Scene Investigation 3 No Online,MM
CJLE2345: Vice & Narcotics Investigation 3 No Online
CJSA1170: Alcohol Awareness/Intervention (Europe only) 1 No Online
CJSA1171: Police Brutality (Europe only) 1 No Online
CJSA1173: Drug Recognition for Law Enforcement (Europe only) 1 No Online
CJSA1174: Terrorism As a Strategy (Europe only) 1 No Online
CJSA1175: Investigation of Sexual Abuse (Europe only) 1 No Online
CJSA1176: Introduction to Gangs (Europe only) 1 No Online
CJSA1177: International Criminal Justice (Europe only) 1 No Online
CJSA1178: Criminal Deviance (Europe only) 1 No Online
CJSA1308: Criminalistics I 3 No Online
CJSA1312: Crime In America 3 No Online
CJSA1313: Court Systems and Practices 3 No Online,MM
CJSA1317: Juvenile Justice System 3 No Online
CJSA1318: Court Management 3 No Online
CJSA1322: Introduction to Criminal Justice 3 No Online
CJSA1327: Fundamentals of Criminal Law 3 No Online
CJSA1342: Criminal Investigation 3 No Online
CJSA1348: Ethics in Criminal Justice 3 No Online,MM
CJSA1359: Police Systems and Practices 3 No Online
CJSA2300: Legal Aspects of Law Enforcement 3 No Online
CJSA2302: Police Management, Supervision, and Related Topics 3 No Online
CJSA2331: Child Abuse, Prevention and Investigation 3 No Online
CRIJ1301: Introduction to Criminal Justice 3 No Online
CRIJ1306: Court Systems and Practices 3 No Online,MM
CRIJ1307: Crime in America 3 No Online,MM
CRIJ1310: Fundamentals of Criminal Law 3 No Online
CRIJ1313: Juvenile Justice System 3 No Online
CRIJ2301: Community Resources in Corrections 3 No Online,MM
CRIJ2313: Correctional Systems and Practices 3 No Online,MM
CRIJ2314: Criminal Investigation 3 No Online,MM
CRIJ2323: Legal Aspects of Law Enforcement 3 No Online,MM
CRIJ2328: Police Systems and Practices 3 No Online,MM
FIRT1301: Fundamentals of Fire Protection (Europe only) 3 No Online
FIRT1303: Fire and Arson Investigation I (Europe only) 3 No Online
FIRT1307: Fire Prevention Codes and Inspections (Europe only) 3 No Online
FIRT1309: Fire Administration I (Europe only) 3 No Online
FIRT1311: Fire Service Hydraulics (Europe only) 3 No Online
FIRT1315: Hazardous Materials I (Europe only) 3 No Online
FIRT1319: Firefighter Health and Safety (Europe only) 3 No Online
FIRT1329: Building Codes and Construction (Europe only) 3 No Online
FIRT1333: Fire Chemsitry I (Europe only) 3 No Online
FIRT1338: Fire Protection Systems (Europe only) 3 No Online
FIRT1347: Industrial Fire Protection (Europe only) 3 No Online
FIRT1349: Fire Administration II (Europe only) 3 No Online
FIRT2309: Firefighting Strat & Tactics I (Europe only) 3 No Online
FIRT2331: Firefighting Strategies and Tactics II (Europe only) 3 No Online
PSYC1300: Learning Framework 3 No Online
PSYC2301: General Psychology 3 No Online,MM
PSYC2308: Child Psychology 3 No Online
PSYC2314: Life Span Growth and Development 3 No Online,MM
PSYC2315: Psychology of Adjustment 3 No Online
PSYC2316: Psychology of Personality 3 No Online
SOCI1301: Introduction to Sociology 3 No Online,MM
SOCI1306: Social Problems 3 No Online
SOCI2301: Marriage and the Family 3 No Online,MM
SOCI2319: Minority Studies I 3 No Online
SPCH1315: Public Speaking 3 Yes Online
SPCH1318: Interpersonal Communication 3 Yes Online
SPCH1321: Business and Professional Communication 3 Yes Online,MM

* Credit Hours  Developmental Studies credits are not transferable and cannot be applied towards degree completion. For details, visit https://www.ctcd.edu/academics/instructional-departments/developmental-studies/.

** Delivery Method  MM = MultiMedia or offline courses. These are offered at select locations and in response to specific contracts, and are designed for students who do not have consistent, reliable internet access.

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